Miscellaneous products

Some of our special products:

Silicone hoses

We stock silicone 3" coupling hose,1,5" X 3 FT and transision hose 3" to 4"

Prices from NOK 133,00 to 675,00 incl. VAT

Stainless steel tubing

SIS 304 stainless ore 331 high heat resistant U-bend and straigts for you to build the ultimate exhaust manifold.
From 19 to 127 mm (3/4" - 5") with 0,9, 1,24 and 1,6 mm wall thicness.

We can also weld it for you, upon request.

Prices: from NOK 260,00 to 650,00 incl. VAT pr U-bend

"The snake nest" is a seqventiell twin turbo system.

"The octopuss" is a super lightweight stainless "niresist" turbine housing for an experimental boxer aircraft engine, a job for a handy craftsman.

Aluminium tubing

6061-0 Aluminium tubing to build your inntake and intercooler piping. 1,6 mm wallthicness.

Dimensions: 19 to 100 mm

NOK from 240,00 to 580,00 incl. VAT

Small brackets

Material SAE 7075 T6.

We sell aircraft spec. aluminium, like sheet, round bar and tube.

Aircraft steel 4130, in tube, sheet, and round bar.

Aircrafts bolts.

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