Turbonetics intercoolers and accessories


Intercoolers come in several sizes and shapes.

We have 500 hp, 675 hp and 1000hp core's that can be combined to suite your demand.

  500 hp NOK 2 722,00 incl. VAT
  675 hp NOK 3 900,00 incl. VAT
1000 hp NOK 7 900,00 incl. VAT

Evolution wastegate

The new Turbonetics Evolution redefines performance for external mounted boost control. Utilizing the latest technology in flow design and materials, the Evolution features an investment cast 304 stainless body designed with computer flow analysis. "Nitronic 60" stainless steel one-piece valve, and polished aluminum billet cap. Nearly 25% smaller than the Deltagate, it is sized to fit into the tightest turbo systems. Fitted with a rolling type diaphragm and floating valve seat, it is equipped to comfortably handle 400+ HP and out flows the competition by almost 20%

Price: 3 100,00 incl. VAT

Ny artikkel

Tial 44 V-band

This high flow wastegate will control engines that develop 900+ HP, with a 1.625" (42mm) stainless steel valve and the proven Deltagate actuator. "Boost Creep" is practically eliminated. Fully adjustable with the Variable Boost Control Regulator

Price: 4 750,00 incl. VAT


The new "Raptor" mid-sized bypass valve offers physical size and airflow characteristics that fill the performance gap between the "Street and Strip" and "Godzilla" valves. Kit includes mounting hardware, flange and fittings.

Fully polished
1.5"(38mm) valve
Compact design
Adjustable preload
Sealed valve stem
1.5" (38mm) discharge
'O'-Ring-sealed valve seat
Rolling diaphram design
Both hose or horn configuration included

Price: 3 200,00 incl. VAT

Variable Boost Kit

Kit to adjust your Turbo boost from inside the car.

Price: NOK 981,00 incl. VAT

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